Our treatments are reinforced by state-of-the-art medical grade electronic instruments to fight the aging process.


Your face speaks volumes about you before you ever say a word: how old you are,
how healthy you are, and even how happy you are. But ironically, many people don't
give their face the care it deserves. Our Treatments reinforced by state-of-the-art medical grade electronic instruments to fight the aging process and give you a healthier skin.

Our Signature Facial is a luxuriously relaxing experience combined with healthy skin care. A refreshing deep cleansing followed by an Enzyme Spheride Peeling Treatment. After our Anti-Stress, Aroma-therapy eye treatment, our personalized Beauty-Concept™ procedure will be performed. The appropriate Vitaminic or Propolis Serum will be massaged into the skin accompanied by a arm massage. An experience you'll not soon forget
    Cost $ 66.00 Time: 1 1/4 hr.



Our VitaLift Firming Treatment (#1 Most sought after facial treatment ) Micro-Current is used to re-educate our facial and neck muscles ( muscle has "memory"). It firms and tones these muscles, helps restore elasticity, reduce fine lines, and increase cell renewal. You will notice immediate improvements, a most gratifying experience. Our Basic Facial & Lymphatic Drainage is included in this treatment

  Cost   $  125.00 each Time: 1 hr. to 1 1/2 hrs.
Special Cost 5 Treatments @ $ 590.00 Time: 1 hr. to 1 1/2 hrs. each


Our Mens Fitness Facial Treatment Keep your face looking youthful. Daily skin aggression from shaving, sun damage and the absence of a skin care regimen quickly take their toll on your skin. We'll give you an Aqua Gel deep cleansing, an enzyme mask, anti-stress eye treatment, and finish with a customized serum massaged into your skin. Your skin will be left more healed, tighter and rejuvenated. This revolutionary treatment addresses your specific needs including, improving skin's elasticity, reducing expression lines and soothing razor burned skin

  Cost $  58.00 Time: 45 min to 1 hr.

basic Facuakl Our Basic European Facial Deep cleansing, steaming, enzyme peel, and massage. Your skin will feel rejuvinated and have more clarity and tightness. You'll love feeling relaxed and refreshed with a youthful glow.
  Cost $  58.00


Time: 45 min.
basic High Performance Lightening Facial Lighten Hyperpigmentation and render the skin youthfully radiant and smooth. This professional treatment aids in correcting the over production of melanin within the cell. The home follow-up regimen works on bleaching the surface of the skin.

Cost $  75.00
Series of 6 $70.00 each


Time: 1 Hour and 15 min.


Acne Facial Treatment
Keep your face looking clear experience the difference with healthy looking skin

Cost $ 68.00 45min to 1 hr

Series price available for LED Light Therapy

** Add a warm parafin hand treatment during your facial    Cost: $  8.00
** Add a Freeze Dried Eye treatment                              Cost: $ 60.00
** Add a oxygenating mask treatment                              Cost: $ 19.00
***LED light Therapy to treatment Cost: price varies

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